We love to celebrate milestones in the lives of our children and youth. Every year, we celebrate the following milestones in their faith journeys:

Bible Presentations: At your child’s baptism, you promised to “provide for their instruction in the Christian faith and place the Holy Scriptures in their hands.”  The congregation of St. Timothy is here to support you in this commitment! 

On September 18, 2022 at the 9:30 AM service, we will present bibles to students at these faith milestones: 

  • 3 year old Bible presentation  
  • 3rd grade Bible presentation 
  • 6th grade Bible presentation 

SIGN UP to have your child receive their appropriate bible on Bible Sunday, September 18th, 2022.

First Communion (2nd Grade): During their 2nd grade year, we invite children and their families to attend First Communion Instruction. We will discuss the meaning of Holy Communion for Lutherans, ensure that both parents and children have a common understanding of the sacrament and the benefits, offer an opportunity for families to discuss together what Communion personally means to you, and then answer any questions. The gathering will finish with refreshments and fellowship for the families. 

Students and parents are asked to attend one session and can choose between the options listed below. The meetings will occur during the 9:30 AM worship service. 

Session One: Sunday, October 16th 9:30 AM (during worship)          

Session Two: Sunday, October 23rd 9:30 AM (during worship)

First Communion for all students will be on Reformation Sunday, October 30th during the 9:30 AM worship service. 

SIGN UP to have your child participate in the First Communion Milestone

Rite of Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism (8th Grade): During grades 6 through 8, students participate in our Confirmation curriculum where they learn the foundations of our faith and build important relationships to scripture and the community. This education culminates in 8th grade at their Confirmation Service where they will affirm the promises made at their baptism. For more information, please see the Junior High / Confirmation Page or contact Pastor Sarah Swindall.

For more information about these milestones or including your child or youth, contact the office at 630-355-1330.