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High School Youth Group

While in Confirmation, students learn the fundamentals of our Christian faith and the formative stories that are important to our communal identity, in high school, now is the time to begin to dig into understanding how all that foundational knowledge is experienced and lived out in our everyday lives. We typically meet on Sunday evenings for discussion and fellowship activities. 

Youth Group events and activities are structured around four major concepts: discussion, service, worship, and friendship. We want to be able to talk about the big questions of life and faith together, serve our neighbors in love, worship together, and have fun with our friends at church. Youth Group activities are open to all 9-12 grade students, friends included! 

Whether we are on the whirly ball court, participating in Sleep Out Saturday, or going on a winter retreat, God will meet us where we gather and where we bring our authentic selves. So wherever you are on life’s journey, whether you are a senior who has been involved in the group for four years, a freshman just starting on the journey, or a sophomore or junior who wants to get more involved, you are welcome here!

Small Group Nights

Once per month, we will gather at church for a night of open gym games and small group discussion. The topics that we will be discussing have been chosen by the Leadership Team and we are really excited about them. Examples of these topics include social media, stress & anxiety, prayer & meditation, relationships and more. 

Sign up to provide a meal for the students during their small group nights: CLICK HERE

Fellowship Nights

At least once per month, we will be gathering for a night of just fun and friends. Come hang out with us at whirly ball and laser tag, or join us at church for a cookie exchange or fall party! Friends are always invited to these events. Make sure to RSVP and check the event details in your emails or on the St. Timothy Website under the High School section. *Some activities require students bring cash to participate. If this may prevent you from participating in fellowship activities, please speak to Pastor Sarah.*

Service Opportunities

Serving together is central to our calling as Christians. There are many fun opportunities to serve together throughout the year. Some of these opportunities include 

  • CROP Walk
  • Sleep Out Saturday
  • Caroling
  • Vacation Bible School Leadership
  • Feed My Starving Children

There are also plenty of ways that students can get involved each week including helping with tech for worship and events, helping in the Nursery, teaching Sunday School, or participating in worship as a reader or assisting minister. Let’s find what you’re passionate about!

High School Leadership Team

The events on our Youth Group calendar have been chosen by our newly formed High School Leadership Team. This team includes two students from each grade level. They met over the summer to plan out our year and will continue to meet during the school year. Keep an eye out for them and if you have an awesome idea for youth group, let them know! 

Leadership Team:

Laura Doguim (10)

Carly Franke (12)

Brandon Loos (11)

Audrey Mclean (9)

Connor Norton (12)

Tyler Norton (10)

Adomas Osowski (11)

Alex Wohlfahrt (9)

To participate in High School Youth Group activities and events, please complete the registration form linked below and return it to St. Timothy Lutheran Church. You can place it in the box marked “completed registration forms” on the Children & Youth Ministries table in the Narthex or hand it to Pastor Sarah.


Download a copy of the paper REGISTRATION FORM or complete the form ONLINE


Click HERE to see the complete 2022-2023 High School Youth Group Calendar

Upcoming Fellowship Events

RSVP to the upcoming fellowship events below:

October 23 – Escape Room RSVP

1313 North Mill Street
Naperville, IL 60563