Stepping forward, rising together

(From Tidings Newsletter – June July Issue)
Major changes in our worship practices and schedule are coming in June, as we rise together out of pandemic shut-downs. We increased our indoor capacity to 100 worshipers on Sunday, May 23, even as we look forward to additional improvements as infection rates decline and vaccination ratios rise.

Here is what to expect in the coming weeks.
Outdoor Worship 8:00 a.m. Begins Sunday, in the back yard of the church. We will sing together, as Katie Andrade and musicians from a variety of St. Timothy’s ensembles lead music. Outdoor services will continue through September 5.

Indoor Worship9:30 a.m. Beginning June 6, Sunday worship in the sanctuary. The pews will also be returned to the sanctuary.

Saturday Worship—Continues at 5:00 p.m., in the sanctuary.

Communion Distribution—Communion practices will also change at all services starting the weekend of June 5-6. One pastor, wearing plastic gloves, will distribute communion wafers to worshipers as they file forward. Individual communion cups will be placed in trays to the right and left of the pastor for communicants to pick up once they have received the bread.

Online Worship — Sunday worship will continue to be available each week after 6 a.m.

NOTE – St. Timothy has Updated their Facemask Protocol – Read Here