·         “I didn’t get my Stewardship packet.” – If you don’t pick it up at church, it will be mailed to your address on file after October 8th.

·         “Do I have to return my pledge form?” – Yes, please! Even if you are not pledging anything, just mark it $0. But we need every form back for accounting purposes.

·         “I’m not changing my pledge amount for next year.” – That’s fine! Just write “same” on the form and mail it back to the church, or drop it off before Oct. 29th.

·         “Do I need to fill out the bank information again?” No. You only need to fill out the bank authorization form if this is your first time using automatic payment, or if your banking information has changed.

·         “I didn’t get enough Time & Talent sheets for everyone in my household.” – You can grab as many extra forms as you need in the narthex, or fill it out here, or on the St. Timothy website under “giving.”

·         When do you need my pledge form back?” – Please make sure your form is returned by October 29, 2023.