TONIGHT at 7pm on April 6th a special Maundy Thursday worship and fellowship event! We are asking that if you attend, and you so choose, to bring a loaf of bread and a bottle of your favorite wine or juice. A loaf that you bake yourself would be even more special. We will consecrate the bread and wine that you bring during the evening and then partake in a Last Supper together, accompanied by other food to make it a truly holy and memorable night where we remember in word and deed the last time Jesus dined with his disciples. Our school-age youth members are invited; they can bring sparkling juice to drink. Please sign up in the narthex, or contact the church office.

St. Timothy Lutheran joyfully welcomes all people of any race, national origin, age, gender, ability, relationship status, political affiliation or sexual orientation, whether you are a believer, doubter or seeker. We welcome all because God welcomes all. Sharing our different experiences and ideas about life and faith, we live the love of Christ together.

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