One of the regular communications I receive gave suggestions on how to prepare for what is to come. Often times we have a ‘defensive’ strategy, using a football analogy, instead of taking ‘offensive’ action. I wanted to share the highlights with you and encourage you to take the time to read the link below for further details. After all, if we are all home more, shouldn’t we take the time to ‘brush up’ on self-care instead of waiting until it’s too late?  Kim Runge RN

10 Ways You Can Prepare Mentally and Physically for a Pandemic Winter   1. Build a Consistent Routine   2. Try Mindfulness Meditation      3. Incorporate Positive Self-Talk      4. Maximize Your Time Outdoors     5. Make Exercise A Must   6. Prioritize Sleep    7. Aim to Eat a Nutrient-Rich Diet     8. Stay Close to Loved Ones, Even From a Distance                                                       9. Write a Journal     10. Work on being More Comfortable With Uncertainty