St. Timothy Lutheran Church on North Mill Street is the home of Learning Is Fun Preschool.
The dedicated staff at LIF has provided a quality education and foundation for families in the Naperville area since 1974!
We are looking to fill the following positions. 
Are you interested or know someone that might be?
Qualified candidates are asked to submit their resume to:

If you have further questions about the position you may call the Learning is Fun Preschool Office at 630.357.4836

Substitute Teacher
Are you a stay at home mom looking to get back into the workforce? Are you looking for a part time job that will accommodate your child’s school schedule? Are you retired, but looking for something to do for a few hours  a week? Have you ever wanted to teach?  Please reach out to Learning Is Fun at 630.357.4836 or email us at
Music Enrichment Teacher
If you are local to Naperville, and interested in teaching a music class to preschoolers once a month, please reach out to LIF at 630.357.4836 or email us at

Learn more about Learning Is Fun Preschool at