Philippians Psalm 31:14

But I trust in you, LORD; I say, “You are my God.”

The go-to list

I had a good experience with a motorcycle mechanic and happily told him, “You’re my mechanic. I am adding you to my list.” 

Like many, I have a go-to list of people and products I value and trust. The list is long and reliable. Examples include my doctor, my favorite guitar string brand, my grocery store (mostly because I know where everything is), my trustworthy accountant, my comfortable walking shoes and, of course, my God.

Those listed only get used when I have specific needs. I use my go-to accountant at this time of year and don’t reach out to my doctor for tax advice even though he is on the list.  As much as I like my go-to guitar string brand, wrapping strings around my feet would probably not make for good walking shoes. And when I need spiritual support, God is my go-to guy.

Wait, is that right? Does God belong on our go-to list? Is that what, “You are my God” means?

This implies a sporadic relationship based only on occasions we think we need God’s services. What is God’s role in our lives?  He is our redeemer, our savior, our guide and our captain.

In fact, thinking about it, we really work for him.

—Greg Kerfoot


Prayer: Keep calling to us, O Lord, that returning each day to you we may grow into the fullness of your grace.

To ponder:Is God only on my go-to list, or should I strive every day to earn a spot on God’s go-to list?