Psalm 130:6
My soul waits for the Lord more than those who watch for the morning.

Why wait?

No doubt many of us are getting antsy as the days roll by with no clear idea of when the end of
quarantine will come. The toll of infections continues to rise, and the peak of the pandemic may
be weeks away. Maybe more.

This time may be an introvert’s paradise, but it’s a desert for those who draw energy from
conversation and contact with others. Loneliness and its attendant physical and emotional
maladies will increase in severity as weeks stretch into a month.
So for heaven’s sake pick up the phone, go outside and walk around. Don’t’ stand too close, but
remember: Human connection is a holy and blessed sacrament through which grace flows from
one life to another.

Just today, I read of someone who zoomed (video connection) with friends who live in three
different states. They swapped stories, told how their families are and what they are doing to get
through this. At the end, came an obvious question: Why didn’t we do this before?
Why wait? Indeed. There is something else for which we need not wait because it is present
every day.

We need not wait to feel and know the Lord’s presence; this great love is ever near. I know; this
sounds like so much preacher talk. Except, it isn’t.

I speak for all who have ever found themselves at the end of their rope, only to descend into
themselves to speak every unruly thought and emotion to the paint on the walls; then … to
experience a peace, a presence of love in the stillness of their of their hearts.

We can go to that spot, this inner sanctuary, and rest, for Christ lives there. It’s a mystery of
which Scripture tells us in several places: Christ in you, a living, loving presence waiting for you
to show up and wait with him in knowing silence.

—Pr. David L. Miller

Prayer: My soul waits on you, O Lord, let me know you in the silence of my heart and the sound of bird song every morning.

To ponder: Elijah heard God not in the sound and fury of nature or momentous events
but in a still small voice. Where have you heard that voice?