John 7:37-38

On the last day, the great day of the festival, Jesus stood and cried out: ‘Let anyone who is thirsty come to me! Let anyone who believes in me come and drink! Let anyone who believes in me come and drink! As scripture says, “From his heart shall flow streams of living water.” ‘

Eternal spring

Do you hear that?  No, not the words, but the heart of Jesus’ longing.

Standing in the midst of the crowd, he cries out, hoping his words will crack the crust around the heart of those who have forgotten how to hope, those who feel alone, those who fear what the future hides, those who desperately need to feel the exhilaration of feeling truly alive again.

Come to me, he says. Come and drink every word that flows from my heart. Drink in everything that is in me so that you feel your life again; feel the love that is here for you in you, the love that is me. Come and drink. You will know the heart of God.

Such is Jesus’ longing for you. For he knows: to be human is to thirst … for that eternal spring of love and life to awaken within to cool the anxious fever of that comes and rules our hearts.

So listen to Jesus. Hear his cry. Feel the desire in his heart. That desire doesn’t tell you about the love of God for you; it is the love of God for you.

Feel it. Let it sink into your heart; drink from this spring that runs not dry.

— Pr. David L. Miller


Prayer: Awaken a spring of living water in our hearts that we may feel your living presence.

To ponder: What is your desire? What do you want from Jesus?