John 4:24

God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

True worship

Thousands of churches around our nation are empty today. Some have cancelled worship services until the COVID-19 crisis has passed. Others will stream services that involve a pastor and a cantor or choir singing the hymns—to empty pews, as worshipers watch from home.

We, at St. Timothy, are taking extra precautions while we continue to meet in our sanctuary for worship, sharing the grace of God and the joy of being together … carefully.

Each congregation must make its own decisions, based on particular needs and situations.

Whether we meet together in the sanctuary, in twos and threes for prayer and mutual support or before a screen streaming a worship service, we can and will worship. We can and will give praise to God.

We can and will experience the presence of the One who is Spirit and dwells in the depth of our spirits, holding the family of faith together even while apart.

For there is no place God is not and no fear divine love cannot still.

We need to hear this clearly during this time when anxiety is more infectious than the virus stalking the globe. Amid escalating fears, real and exaggerated, knowing the Spirit of divine love within calms our fears so that our hearts do not fail us.

But our hearts also must not fail our neighbors and those who will suffer want and deprivation because of the pandemic. Living the love of Christ requires more than protecting ourselves and others through social distancing.

There are children in our neighborhood, literally across the street from our church, who lack adequate food. They do not have access to school lunches during this time, so we must help feed them.

Our congregation is partnering with Mill Street School to provide food for these families. So check out the challenge below and bring food to church, lots of it, through this week and certainly by next Sunday.

Together, we will truly worship the One who is spirit and truth … in spirit and in truth.

— Pr. David L. Miller

Mill Street Cares: Call to Mission —

During the Corona crises children from needy families at Mill Street School need additional help, as our congregation provides during Christmas break and other times during the year. Starting immediately, bring food items and Jewel gifts cards with you to church.

Food items needed are:


pasta sauce

peanut butter



macaroni and cheese

canned vegetables and fruit



rice and beans

Please place food items on the “Mill Street Cares” tables in the Narthex.

Place gift cards and cash donations in the basket on the table or bring them to the church office.

Can’t make it to church? Consider making a donation via USPS or ONLINE through PAYPAL HERE.