Lent Devotion Week 1 Day 4

Let go

A pastoral colleague posted his Lenten discipline on Facebook this morning: He is giving up Facebook. “See you after Easter,” he wrote. I wonder if he is looking for freedom, clearing space to breathe and notice what is happening within him.

Disordered, misdirected compulsions and habits keep us being ourselves, distracting us from the very things we say are most important to us. You can live under their spell for a lifetime, coming to the end of it all wondering why you never became the person deep down you truly are.

We forget that we are made in the image of the Love Christ is, a Love in which we are intended to bask and share. This Love speaks and acts through us as our anxieties and compulsions are cleared away.

So stop and ask, “What is getting in my way? What keeps me from living freely and loving fully?

Trust the Love in which Christ holds you, the Love that dwells within as your truest self, and begin to let go.

Let go of anxiety and share with the poor.
Let go of your anger. It chains you to the past.
Let go of self-doubt and unworthiness. You are the child of a Great Love.
Let go of the politics of division. It poisons the water in which you also must swim.
Let go of blindness and apathy toward the homeless and refugee. They, too, are images of Christ.
Let go of evil speech and judgment of others. Its toxic to your soul, and you don’t know what battles they are fighting within.
Let go of the need to have your own way. You will find the freedom that surprises you.
Let go of everything that is not mercy, and you will find mercy.

Pr. David L. Miller


Free me from all that keeps me from you that I may know and live the Love you are.


To ponder: What is getting in the way of living the life to which Christ calls me?