Romans 3:24
all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

What a gift!

What a gift, but how do I accept this gift which I have not earned?

I live in a world where you provide a service or product to obtain value from another person. Jesus turned this concept on its head, and I struggle with accepting a gift where there is not a fair exchange. What could I ever provide equal to the love and grace I receive?

I may never have the answer to my questions, but the great news is I do not need to have the answers.

God opens his loving arms for all us, even those who still have questions.

Brian Vickrey


Dear Lord, please be with all of us who do not feel worthy of your love and provide us the strength of spirit to accept your love and grace, freely given.

To Ponder:  How do you feel when you receive a gift? What do you want to do or say?