Feeling stressed out? If you find yourself unable to function at the level you used to or at the level you wish to, stress may be interfering with your life. Check out these stress-busting strategies, which will provide you with a sense of control over your life and/or the situation. They also will boost your mood and your confidence in handling a stressful situation.

Some stressors are out of your control. What can you do?

  1. Remind yourself that you have successfully handled similar situations in the past.
  2. Reassure yourself that you will be fine regardless of what happens.
  3. Find some humor in the situation.
  4. Find a trusted friend to talk with about the experience.
  5. Use relaxation exercises to control your physical response to the situation.

For stressors you have some control over, you can do things to actively respond to the situation, like:

  1. Make a list of stressors, so that you can prioritize them and tackle them one at a time, in order to minimize feelings of being overwhelmed.
  2. Change aspects of a stressful situation that give you problems. Rearrange your schedule, have a problem-solving discussion with the bothersome person, organize your workspace, schedule some time for a break, take a brief walk or ask someone for help.
  3. Develop systematic problem-solving skills.


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