One wonderful service brought on by the food industry is the wide world of at-home meal
subscription services. What in the world is a meal subscription? I’m glad you asked! Meal
subscription services come under a variety of names – Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef,
etc.—and are designed to help busy people eat healthily, without having to go to the store!
Meal subscription boxes such as these come with pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards so
that the cook only needs to follow the simple directions to create yummy dishes in their own
kitchen. You can go online to any of these subscription services and select your meal delivery
frequency, the meals you would like delivered, how many people you’d like to feed, and the
company does the rest! They prepare your ingredients and ship them all overnight on dry ice so
all your food stays fresh. When you open the delivery, every ingredient is ready to use; there is
no chopping, no measuring, and no hassle. You just combine everything and pop it into the
oven or onto the stovetop. It’s that easy!
Meal delivery and subscription services have become wildly popular in the past several years
due to the demand of easy dinner options that don’t include cooking a four-course meal or
going out to a restaurant to eat. These meals are great for dinner parties, date nights, or busy
family life.
Here are some great meal subscription services to check out:
Home Chef: Home Chef features customer-selected weekly menus that rotate on your
schedule. There are over 30 meal preparation kits to choose from, including special occasion
kits, oven-ready kits, 15-minute meals, and so on. Take Home Chef’s online taste quiz to see
which meals you might like most by visiting:
Blue Apron: Blue Apron allows you to make a meal plan and offers different menus every week.
Their meal plan options include: a signature plan, a vegetarian plan, and a wellness plan. All of
Blue Apron’s meals are reviewed and approved by nutritionists and are focused on providing
healthy nutrition. Visit their website here to check out their first time customer deals:
Daily Harvest: Daily Harvest is a frozen meal subscription that mails customers a weekly box of
anywhere from 6-24 items a week. This subscription box is vegan (no animal products used) and
can be great for someone on a strict diet. You can also add ingredients you may have at home
to these recipes (like eggs or chicken) if you need to have meat on your plate or just to add
some protein. Daily Harvest also delivers ready to blend smoothies if you’re looking for a health
breakfast option or an on-the-go snack. Check out their offers here:
After reading the benefits of these meal delivery services, how could you not be tempted to
indulge in their ferocious flavors and save time and effort at dinnertime?

Note: The above information and links are only resources if you plan to pursue this recommendation.