To help us learn to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle fabric,  we have created a flyer  of  places to go to dispose of unwanted fabric items. Pick it up at the Recycling Table near the office.

What can we do at home to use fabric?

  • Use washable fabric napkins, instead of paper.  
    Why? REDUCES papermuch larger, more absorbent, dress up your table, saves time, money and easy to care for (just add them to your wash)
  • Use cloth bags at the grocery store and other stores as well. 
    Why? REDUCES plastic & paper, more items can be packed in each bag (less to carry), eliminates need to store plastic bags
  • Use fabric cleaning rags replacing paper towels. 
    Why? REDUCES paper use, REUSE old soiled, torn, worn fabric items by cutting into small rags, rewash and REUSE as rags, saves money on paper towels 
  • Use fabric to create or use as something new. Quilts, gift bags, book covers, reuse pockets cut off of old jeans as storage pouches for office supplies (or anything else)  
    Why? REDUCES fabric going to a landfill, REUSES fabric for another purpose. Fun & creative!

For more Fabric Recycling resources refer to this view this PDF – Fabric Reuse Flyer