Family Wellness Tips
It is common to stay inside more during the winter months—whether you’re trying to avoid viruses or icy outdoor temperatures. Avoiding sick people won’t necessarily keep you healthy. When spending more time indoors, self-care is even more important in order to avoid cabin fever, and the negative effects of all that sitting around.

By practicing activities that promote health, mental wellness, and family bonding, you can transform connections, take the time to get to know each other better, and instill habits of healthy living.
Try adding these activities one at a time to encourage your family’s wellness:
1. Cook together and eat together– Involving the entire family with food preparation can help everyone eat healthier, teach the kids about food, and create a bonding experience that everyone enjoys. Aim to cook together at least one night per week, and make a habit of having dinner together every weeknight without TV, music, phones or other distractions. Get everyone talking by sharing a highlight or a low point of each day or sharing what each person is grateful for.
2. Create a family night – Designate one night of the week or month as ‘family night’ and plan to do an activity together. One idea is to play board games or card games as a family. Other ideas include family movie night, art evenings (create a piece of art or make holiday cards), assemble puzzles, a dance-party, – the possibilities are endless!!
3. Get active – Take a walk after dinner, play a game in the backyard, go hiking on a mild winter weekend, try yoga, or simple stretches at home. Create a list of indoor activities that your family enjoys, choose from one of them to stay active on days when outside conditions are unfavorable.

Bonus Activity for a snow day:

Paint on the Snow – Painting on snow is an entertaining outdoor activity for kids who are bouncing off the walls after being stuck indoors. There are a few supplies you need to have on hand:
· Food coloring in the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow
· A small spray bottle for each child or small bowls and paintbrushes
To make “spray paint,” fill each bottle with water and add a few drops of food coloring until you’ve reached the desired depth of color. If your child prefers painting with a brush, mix the food coloring and water in a bowl. Using the three primary colors, you can make several other colors. Many food coloring boxes have instructions for creating multiple colors, or you can use these combinations:
Yellow + blue = green        Red + blue = purple        Red + yellow = orange
Encourage your kids to make a snowman or snow fort, and then decorate them using the paint.

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