In response to our Lead A Healthy Life survey, here are some workouts and exercises you can do in your home at a time during the day that you plan. God provides us with one body and gives us the  choice and responsibility to care and maintain so we can live each day to the fullest. Since we cannot always be outside, our Fit 4 Life posts will provide instruction and illustrate various activities you can participate indoors. Some of the exercises may be too strenuous. Please only do what you are comfortable with and contact your doctor if you have any questions. Let’s get going and work toward staying Fit 4 Life.

The following playlists were put together by Marina Feffer, one of the undergraduate interns working on the LAHL project. The links below are playlists on YouTube customized and compiled for St. Tim’s congregation to aid in strength training. The playlist are grouped by Older Adults, Upper/Lower body, Abs and Core, and Full Body workouts.

– LAHL Upper Body Workouts:

– LAHL Lower Body Workouts:

– LAHL Abs and Core Workouts:

– LAHL Full Body Workouts:

– LAHL Older Adults Strength Training: