Star Words will be distributed during the offering in worship (a reverse offering) during the Christmas season. You will be invited to take one card and consider it a little gift to you from God.

The star words are printed on cards, face down, so you don’t pick or choose a word that “works for you,” rather, let the Holy Spirit select your card, and let that word be a blessing and guide, challenge and comfort throughout the new year.

As the Magi followed a star that ultimately led them to Jesus, we too are invited to follow the expected and unexpected signs that lead us to our savior. Your star words will be formally blessed in worship on January 6 and 7; please return to worship with your card/star word for this Epiphany blessing. 

Throughout the year keep your card in a place where you can see it often: in a mirror, near a light switch, where your keys were supposed to be, etc… anywhere you can be reminded over and over-again how God’s Spirit moves and enlightens. Better than a New Year’s resolution, may your special word serve you and guide your life in service to others.