Online Giving

Online Giving

Online Giving is a convenient way to give and make donations whether you would like to make a one time donation or make a regular reoccurring offering.**

Below we offer convenient and easy ways to give online. 

Again all options to give are secure.  Please keep in mind as you give, that all of the online giving options do charge St. Timothy a service fee for every donation.
A typical service fee is 2.9% + $0.30 USD per donation (for example, on a $100 donation, you pay a $3.20 fee).
If you would like to include an additional dollar amount to help cover the cost of these fees, we’d be grateful.

Also please read our Online Giving Policy below – pertaining to tracking of donations.

Please contact Sheri Stutesman at with any questions.


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Donate Now Using PayPal

Online Giving Policy

While online giving is convenient and quick, it also presents a challenge for St. Timothy with regard to tracking your donations.  Please keep this in mind if you plan on donating online and itemizing your deductions. Please review our policy below.

The IRS requires a donor to receive acknowledgment from a charity when donations exceed $250 a year to that charity.

IF you plan on donating greater than $250 in the calendar year AND you plan on itemizing your deductions on your federal taxes, please contact Sheri Stutesman, our Financial Secretary ( so donations can be appropriately tracked. Otherwise, individual donations less than $250 will not be separately tracked by St. Timothy and as such, a tax acknowledgement letter may not be able to be provided.

Please contact Sheri Stutesman at with any questions.