Informative Interview about COVID-19

There are still many unanswered questions about the COVID-19 pandemic. Will adults who were vaccinated need a booster? What are the recommendations about vaccinating adolescents ages 12-18 years old? When will elementary age children be vaccinated? Will elementary age children have to wear masks to school in the fall? What will spring of 2022 look like? The recommendations are ever-changing. Below is a video link featuring Chief Medial Officer John Whyte M.D. from WebMD interviewing Rochelle P. Walensky M.D., MPH Director of the Center for Disease Control addressing these questions. Stay educated and stay safe! Kim R. RN

Gathering Safely After Receiving the Covid Vaccination

More people are receiving the Covid-19 vaccination. The questions we ask are…Who can we gather with? How do we gather safely? When will we be able to change our current behavior? What does this mean for those not vaccinated? As the Center for Disease Control studies the information available, we are encouraged to do what we can to further the improvement for the resolution of this pandemic. Below is a flyer containing the CDC recommendations as well as some links to review as we progress forward. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Kim Runge RN

So I Completed My COVID Vaccination, Now What?

Congratulations! You have done your part to keep yourself and others safe from the spread of the Corona virus! You may be wondering, what are the next steps you need to take as we continue this challenging journey together? The CDC has issued guidelines of how we should interact with others once we have completed the required vaccination. Below is the CDC link to access updated information to continue to do your part. I encourage you to access the CDC or our St. Timothy website for continued information and updates. Feel free to email me with any questions. Keep up the good work!  Kim RN

Yes, I had a positive COVID-19 test

As we continue to move through this current pandemic, the likelihood of testing positive for COVID-19 increases. We have been and will continue to be do our part to combat the spread of this virus with social distancing, wearing face masks and frequent hand washing. What if you or someone you know are among those who have tested positive? Here is a link from Medscape, outlining symptoms, long-term effects and steps to work with your doctor during and after you recover from COVID-19 that you might find helpful. This article is a culmination of input from various experts in this field. Stay safe. We are all in this together!

Kim R. RN


COVID-19 Vaccine Information Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Update

What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Virus Vaccine

The FDA has approved two vaccines at the present time, Pfizer and Moderna. The protocol for receiving each of these vaccines consists of an initial injection with a second follow up injection according to the time specified by each company. The efficacy of the vaccine depends on receiving the follow up injection. Some side effects such as fatigue, pain at injection site, headache have been noted by some individuals. These are noted to be “non-severe” side effects and are not experienced by everyone. As always, you need to check with your doctor before receiving the vaccine.
Here are links to information to help answer questions. Feel free to contact me with any questions

Below are links for your respective county regarding current vaccination information. For updated information, you can go to your counties’ website.

Dupage County has a link to sign up for weekly email updates:

Kane County Vaccine Survey:

Will County Vaccine Survey:  Will County COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

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Resources:;; CDC of DuPage County

Staying Safe Over the Holidays

Looking for ideas for celebrating the holidays with loved ones? Want to be sure everyone is safe? Here are some ideas that meet CDC guidelines and promote family togetherness compiled by Katy our NIU intern. Try these suggestions or maybe come up with some of your own!
To Print this helpful infographic, click here.