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Family Wellness Tips
It is common to stay inside more during the winter months—whether you’re trying to avoid viruses or icy outdoor temperatures. Avoiding sick people won’t necessarily keep you healthy. When spending more time indoors, self-care is even more important in order to avoid cabin fever, and the negative effects of all that sitting around.

By practicing activities that promote health, mental wellness, and family bonding, you can transform connections, take the time to get to know each other better, and instill habits of healthy living.
Try adding these activities one at a time to encourage your family’s wellness:
1. Cook together and eat together– Involving the entire family with food preparation can help everyone eat healthier, teach the kids about food, and create a bonding experience that everyone enjoys. Aim to cook together at least one night per week, and make a habit of having dinner together every weeknight without TV, music, phones or other distractions. Get everyone talking by sharing a highlight or a low point of each day or sharing what each person is grateful for.
2. Create a family night – Designate one night of the week or month as ‘family night’ and plan to do an activity together. One idea is to play board games or card games as a family. Other ideas include family movie night, art evenings (create a piece of art or make holiday cards), assemble puzzles, a dance-party, – the possibilities are endless!!
3. Get active – Take a walk after dinner, play a game in the backyard, go hiking on a mild winter weekend, try yoga, or simple stretches at home. Create a list of indoor activities that your family enjoys, choose from one of them to stay active on days when outside conditions are unfavorable.

Bonus Activity for a snow day:

Paint on the Snow – Painting on snow is an entertaining outdoor activity for kids who are bouncing off the walls after being stuck indoors. There are a few supplies you need to have on hand:
· Food coloring in the three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow
· A small spray bottle for each child or small bowls and paintbrushes
To make “spray paint,” fill each bottle with water and add a few drops of food coloring until you’ve reached the desired depth of color. If your child prefers painting with a brush, mix the food coloring and water in a bowl. Using the three primary colors, you can make several other colors. Many food coloring boxes have instructions for creating multiple colors, or you can use these combinations:
Yellow + blue = green        Red + blue = purple        Red + yellow = orange
Encourage your kids to make a snowman or snow fort, and then decorate them using the paint.

References:  5 Tips to Improve Family Wellness – Purdue Global


Yes, I had a positive COVID-19 test

As we continue to move through this current pandemic, the likelihood of testing positive for COVID-19 increases. We have been and will continue to be do our part to combat the spread of this virus with social distancing, wearing face masks and frequent hand washing. What if you or someone you know are among those who have tested positive? Here is a link from Medscape, outlining symptoms, long-term effects and steps to work with your doctor during and after you recover from COVID-19 that you might find helpful. This article is a culmination of input from various experts in this field. Stay safe. We are all in this together!

Kim R. RN


COVID-19 Vaccine Information Update

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Update

What You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Virus Vaccine

The FDA has approved two vaccines at the present time, Pfizer and Moderna. The protocol for receiving each of these vaccines consists of an initial injection with a second follow up injection according to the time specified by each company. The efficacy of the vaccine depends on receiving the follow up injection. Some side effects such as fatigue, pain at injection site, headache have been noted by some individuals. These are noted to be “non-severe” side effects and are not experienced by everyone. As always, you need to check with your doctor before receiving the vaccine.
Here are links to information to help answer questions. Feel free to contact me with any questions

Below are links for your respective county regarding current vaccination information. For updated information, you can go to your counties’ website.

Dupage County has a link to sign up for weekly email updates:

Kane County Vaccine Survey:

Will County Vaccine Survey:  Will County COVID-19 Vaccine Survey

Kim Runge RN

Faith Community Nurse

Resources:;; CDC of DuPage County

Staying Safe Over the Holidays

Looking for ideas for celebrating the holidays with loved ones? Want to be sure everyone is safe? Here are some ideas that meet CDC guidelines and promote family togetherness compiled by Katy our NIU intern. Try these suggestions or maybe come up with some of your own!
To Print this helpful infographic, click here. 
View the Immunization Webinar Held on September 30th

View the Immunization Webinar Held on September 30th

Unable to join us for the Immunization Webinar held on September 30?

Immunizations are an important choice we make as a preventative measure for illness. There are many options available and we need to make a knowledgeable decision in order to live a healthy life for ourselves, our families and our community. Please take the time to view this informative webinar regarding Flu, Pneumonia and Shingles vaccinations. It is always best to check with your doctor if you have any questions.
In order to view the webinar, click on the link below and enter the passcode.

Here is a link to the immunization webinar regarding flu, pneumonia and shingles vaccines.

Passcode: *H1g95&@


If you have any issues viewing the recorded Webinar, please contact Beth Squires at

Schedule your appointment to get your flu shot now!

Schedule your appointment to get your flu shot now!


St. Timothy Lutheran, in conjunction with Walgreens, will be hosting a flu shot clinic Sunday, Oct. 18 from 8a-12p

While walk-ins are welcome, scheduling an appointment is appreciated. You can schedule your appointment now by going to the St. Timothy’s Event page and clicking on the SignUp Genius link.

Whether you are scheduling an appointment or plan to just walk-in on the day of the clinic, please print out the following forms, fill them out and bring them with you to the clinic to shorten the process.  

Flu Shot Clinic Required Forms

Please also bring your insurance card and wear a face mask.

If you have questions please contact Kim Runge at