This Weekend, Join Us for Celebration Saturday & Sunday!

This Weekend, Join Us for Celebration Saturday & Sunday!

This weekend on Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12th, please plan on joining us as we start off Regular programs and ministries!

On Saturday, join us in the garden, after the 5:00 p.m. service, for a wine and cheese reception.

On Sunday Sept. 12 at the 9:30 am service…

We will welcome new members, celebrate First Communion with several of our young members and their families and Sunday School resumes in person.

AND there will be food and fellowship time follow the service.

Weekly Health Message – Let’s take care of ourselves.

Weekly Health Message – Let’s take care of ourselves.

When I look back on the summer of 2021, I will, of course, remember our continued fight against the pandemic and the remote working environment. I will certainly remember my struggle with voicing the feelings that isolation and separation from family, friends and colleagues caused.

But I will also remember the dazzling display of athleticism at the Tokyo Olympics and the two women who spoke openly about mental health and provided much-needed lessons to the world on how we can best take care of ourselves.

In June, tennis player Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open and decided not to participate in the Wimbledon Championships, citing mental health issues. While she competed in the Tokyo Olympics, she lost in an early round. Then later, she broke down in tears when questioned about it relentlessly at a media event.

In July, gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from several Olympic events, saying she was not in the right place mentally to compete, citing dangers to her physical well-being if she continued.

While both women garnered considerable praise for speaking openly about mental health, they also faced some angry and, at times, vicious criticism. Both critics and former supporters opined that the athletes were merely weak, that they had let their country down and had failed to live up to more traditional notions of competition and pushing through adversity. There was an ugly rhetoric: from those who blasted Biles—the most decorated gymnast in the world—as “a selfish, childish national embarrassment” and called Osaka “the world sport’s most petulant little madam.”

In this post, we are interested in addressing a long-standing cultural bias against openly acknowledging mental health as a fundamental component of individual well-being. It’s way, way past time that we stop framing discussions of mental health in the context of weakness or failure.

Part of being strong, part of being healthy, is knowing when you are not—and being willing to say that, without fearing judgement or being ashamed. Ignoring the stresses and obstacles in our lives does not make them go away. Taking the time to face them, acknowledge them, work on them and even ask for help is a far healthier and more productive way to turn that proverbial corner.

As we weather this pandemic, one of the silver linings that should be acknowledged is an appreciation for the fact that it’s OK to say we’re not OK. Let’s celebrate that kind of vulnerability because truly taking care of ourselves and others means we have to start from a place of honesty.

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Weekly Health Message – New Study About Physical Activity

Weekly Health Message – New Study About Physical Activity

It’s a well-known fact that daily physical activity is a cornerstone for health. Check out this new study about exercise, and it’s benefits against COVID-19.

It was shown that incorporating 2.5 hours of moderate to intense activity each week may protect against life-threatening COVID-19. In fact, people who had a sedentary lifestyle were twice as likely to be hospitalized after contracting the disease and 73% more likely to require intensive care regardless of underlying medical conditions or other factors.

No matter how busy your schedule is, be sure to include exercise daily. St. Timothy’s Lead a Healthy Life Program hopes you will add activities that are realistic and enjoyable so that they will become a permanent part of your routine.

For help getting started, visit for information on how to begin adding exercise to your daily routine.

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Weekly Health Message – “Look Great, Feel Great!”

Weekly Health Message – “Look Great, Feel Great!”

In the past few months, we all have not been as active as we should be. Many of us might have gained a few pounds. But we must remember that “IT’S OK”. We have been living in unusual circumstances for the past year, and we shouldn’t be harsh on ourselves.

You should aim to do any kind of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

Just do it so that you can feel better. You’ll realize how good you will feel after doing that activity.

Make a start today! Lead a healthy life…for your own sake!

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Introducing the “Healthy Living Program”

Introducing the “Healthy Living Program”

St. Timothy Lutheran Church knows the importance of a Christ-centered life focusing on body, mind and spiritual health.  A recent survey completed by the congregation focused on resources to achieve these goals. In accordance with working to achieve physical health, we will be posting weekly educational information as a tool to achieve this goal.

Access to this information, as well as a link, will be provided. You can also go to our website and read our blog called “In The Know” under Get Informed / Healthy Living. Or you can click on the link below. 

Be sure to join us, weekly for Healthy Messages staring August 9, 2021 at

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