I Shouldn’t Have Put That On My Skin

Periodically I receive information from the Illinois Poison Center. Most of the information is interesting and helpful. Today I am sharing with you news about our skin. It is important to realize that your skin is your largest organ that is made up of water, protein, fats and minerals and weighs about 6 pounds. Your skin protects is the body’s outer covering that protects you from heat, light, injury and infection and helps to regulate your body temperature. As summer approaches, we need to know how to protect our skin. Take some time to access this link to learn more-https://ipcblog.org/2021/10/28/uh-ohi-shouldnt-have-put-that-on-my-skin/

Enjoy your summer!  Kim RN

Daily Stretching to Age Well

One of our goals in life is to be able to do what we want and need to do whether it is to get to work, complete a task or just get out of bed. Quality of life is an important aspect of our physical, mental and emotional being. Our daily attitude helps jump start us to find the joy in daily living and attaining the utmost of our potential. Here is a recommended daily routine to get you up, out and able to seek the joy in quality living. Kim RN


Be Your Best in 2022 and Beyond

man and woman doing incline plank on park bench

Looking to start 2022 in a ‘new way?’ Here are some changes you can incorporate. Not only can these stretches and exercises help you feel better, increase your stamina and promote a healthier you, but they will improve your balance and safety. These recommendations are for everyone! Some of the activities may be challenging but you can modify them to your needs. You owe it to yourself to take the time for “YOU.” Here is the link https://www.livestrong.com/article/13731002-best-core-exercises-for-beginners/ to help you be your best in 2022 and beyond! Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!     Kim Runge RN

Self-Care for the Future

One of the regular communications I receive gave suggestions on how to prepare for what is to come. Often times we have a ‘defensive’ strategy, using a football analogy, instead of taking ‘offensive’ action. I wanted to share the highlights with you and encourage you to take the time to read the link below for further details. After all, if we are all home more, shouldn’t we take the time to ‘brush up’ on self-care instead of waiting until it’s too late?  Kim Runge RN

10 Ways You Can Prepare Mentally and Physically for a Pandemic Winter   1. Build a Consistent Routine   2. Try Mindfulness Meditation      3. Incorporate Positive Self-Talk      4. Maximize Your Time Outdoors     5. Make Exercise A Must   6. Prioritize Sleep    7. Aim to Eat a Nutrient-Rich Diet     8. Stay Close to Loved Ones, Even From a Distance                                                       9. Write a Journal     10. Work on being More Comfortable With Uncertainty