“Fling Wide the Door” (ELW 259)

Matthew 3:1-12
“The kingdom of heaven has come near!” John
the Baptist’s message is urgent, telling people that
now is the time to pay attention, now is the time
to change. He is equally clear about who people
should be preparing for so that they know the
appropriate activities. When my daughter was
young, in one of my less-than-stellar parenting
moments, I said that Christmas wouldn’t come if her
room didn’t get picked up and she didn’t go to sleep.
My very young theologian reminded me that Jesus
would indeed come, and he probably didn’t care if
her room was picked up! The kingdom of heaven
and Jesus continue to draw near to us in our daily
lives. What do we urgently need to pay attention
to, and what activities ought we be engaged in
so that we are focused on welcoming Jesus into
our lives rather than satisfying our own desires for
perfection, organization, status, or tradition?

Jesus, you come into our lives desiring our time and
attention for you and for our neighbor. As the busyness
of Christmas preparations swirls around us, continue to
remind and show us how to engage in these activities in
a way that brings your welcome and love to those we
encounter each day. Amen.

Devotion Reproduced from 2022 Advent Devotional | Luther Seminary | Fling Wide the Door 

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