During the month of October, St. Timothy will be posting a weekly set of questions for our 31 Day Faith Challenge. These questions are organized by day and can be used to spark conversation with your family or for quiet contemplation. We hope this exercise will help you to strengthen or rekindle your faith in the Almighty Father.

Week 5
Some of us are misfits in our families or origin. Do you have religious, political, or social disagreements with each other? How do you handle them?

How has the intensified division in our country affected you? What is one thing you can do this month to overcome the divide as it affects you? How might you express love and respect where it is hard?

To love God is to stop making exceptions. Who in your life right now are you treating as an exception to love? Who is your church treating as an exception? Who is our country treating as an exception? Who gets left out of God’s no-exception love?

We live in a both/and world. Martin Luther said we are both saints and sinners. Life is both wonderful and terrible, beautiful and horribly broken, and pain-filled. What is the both/and you see in life? How can you bravely embrace the both/ and stuff with faith, hope, and love?