During the month of October, St. Timothy will be posting a weekly set of questions for our 31 Day Faith Challenge. These questions are organized by day and can be used to spark conversation with your family or for quiet contemplation. We hope this exercise will help you to strengthen or rekindle your faith in the Almighty Father.

Week 4
Has your life taken you anywhere where you didn’t plan to go, or want to go? How did you take the leap into unwanted and uncharted territory? What did that new place or experience teach or give you? What advice would you give based on your experience?

Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. When is it hard for you to love yourself? Sometimes the world feels like a love desert where everyone is parched. Jesus commands us not to let anyone go parched, including ourselves.

Reflect on your life. Do you have too little self-love, too much, or just the right amount? What changes, if any, do you think you need to make? Everyone has their failings. For some it is pride and selfishness for others it is self-abasement.

When was a time you experienced deep grief? How did you cope? In what spaces was your grief welcome? Where was it not? Grief is not the disease; it’s the healing.

Have you ever felt ashamed of your grief or had someone dismiss or make light of your feelings? What do you need from your church or family to offer a safe place for grief? If we do not grieve what we miss, we are not praising what we love, the love of the Giver.

Have you ever had a time in your life when people were loving toward you when they had every reason not to be?

What question do you have for God? God likes scruffy faith that is real, authentic, not put-on. So what doubts, anger, questions, and hurt do you want to tell God? Pray them all!