During the month of October, St. Timothy will be posting a weekly set of questions for our 31 Day Faith Challenge. These questions are organized by day and can be used to spark conversation with your family or for quiet contemplation. We hope this exercise will help you to strengthen or rekindle your faith in the Almighty Father.

Week 3
Growing up, who were you taught was “different” or “not one of us?” How does that teaching affect you? How do you feel about it now?

Who do you know or see who is excluded because of their race, ethnicity, sexuality or because they are different in some way? Who gets treated as “those people”? How can you show them we are all children of God, no exceptions?

When have you been dismissed or labeled in ways that made you feel “less-than,” or called by a name that was wrong or hurtful? How did that make you feel? What name would you choose for yourself?

Have you ever been completely wrong about someone before knowing their story? What did you learn from your experience?

What do you see in the world today that most hurts God?

What are some awesome things people are doing in our community, or far beyond, that makes God do a “happy dance”?

Do you wrestle with how to be a Good Samaritan in a violent world where we are taught to fear one another? What wisdom would you give about this?