During the month of October, St. Timothy will be posting a weekly set of questions for our 31 Day Faith Challenge. These questions are organized by day and can be used to spark conversation with your family or for quiet contemplation. We hope this exercise will help you to strengthen or rekindle your faith in the Almighty Father.

Week 2
Who taught you how to love? What are the moments or words you remember?
Who made you feel like someone special?

Who was your first real love? What did that love teach you about love? Life? Yourself?

Jesus calls us to love without limits. Where does your love without limits have room to grow?
Where is it hard for you? What are the walls that separate people in your community or neighborhood?

Who is the person in your life who taught you most about a “love without limits?” What is
their affect in your life? How can you pass along that kind of love in your life?

The most powerful biblical word for love is agape. Agape gives of itself, seeking good even
for one’s enemies. What’s the most loving thing you have ever seen that shows agape love?

When was a time you stopped thinking about love of helping someone and actually did
something about it? What difference did it make to the other person, and to you?

Who have you hurt or fail to love enough in your life? Is there anything you can do about it
now? Is there something for which you need and want to apologize?