May 2024 Tidings Newsletter

“May is the month of expectation, the month of wishes, the month of hope..”

  • 05 — Greeters & Ushers Team Meeting
  • 06 — Brushes & Blessings
  • 19 — Blood Pressure Checks
  • 19 — Confirmation
  • 19 — Blessing of the Graduates
  • 19 — ThED Talk
  • 21 — Church Council
  • 28 & 29 — Hesed House

All this plus much, much more!

May 2024 Tidings

Health Corner – Guidelines for Greeter

Health Corner – Guidelines for Greeter

by Jana Tindall RN, BSN

Happy Easter, Christ has risen!  

Romans 12:13 Contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality.

You might have noticed recently that you are being met at the front door when you arrive for weekend church services!  Those members open the door for you because a greeter ministry has formally been reinstituted under the direction of Pastor Sarah.  As you greet people with a warm smile, you are setting the tone for a proper welcome to our community, and can be viewed as an extension of our pastors’ hands.  It is felt that the first 4 minutes of any human contact is critical to whether a person returns for a second visit. So, thank you to those who have volunteered to support this initiative! 

Guidelines for Greeters: The 5 T’s

  • Teachable: a true greeter should have the spirit and heart to serve people, and willing to be taught and learn ways to improve.
  • Thoughtfulness: open doors, assist visitors, utilize the available equipment; walkers, and wheelchairs for those in need. Answer questions.
  • Tactfulness: with your communication and where to direct people as needed, to the welcome table, coffee, bathrooms. 
  1. Timeliness: Arrive 15 minutes before church begins. Put on a greeter badge, which is available at the welcome table. The plan is to have a greeter present at the upper and lower entrances.
  2. Teamwork: communicate to the Pastors and point out new visitors. In church you might consider sitting near a new person vs your comfort spot in the sanctuary. After church, keep an eye out for people who need assistance getting back into their cars. There will always be a walker, and wheelchair at both entrances for use as needed.

There is a Worship Sign-up located in the narthex at the sign-up table that now includes Greeter.  Please check Pastor Sarah has scheduled another greeter workshop for existing greeters and any others who are interested on May 5th after church. May we continue to live the Love of Christ and welcome all who enter our place of worship!

In Wholeness of Health
Jana Tindall RN, BSN
Faith Community Nurse
Health and Wellness Ministry Coordinator