Every Tuesday in February – Fit 4 Life Exercise Classes

Fit 4 Life Exercise Classes are held every Tuesday from 9:30a-10:30a in the narthex. These free classes will focus on balance, muscle toning, and strengthening techniques perfect for EVERYBODY! Please wear comfortable clothing & supportive shoes. Bring a water bottle & invite a friend.

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Hesed House Chicken

Hesed House Chicken

Special request for “chicken fairy” help!

In the past, Bill was able to call on someone last minute to purchase 100 pieces of cooked chicken for Hesed House. That person was our “chicken fairy!” Sadly, that person is moving away. Would you like to be the new chicken fairy? Think of all the warm fuzzies and good karma you can get by supporting such a worthy cause! We are looking for one or two people to help out in this capacity.

Please contact the church office for a contact person