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All of the angel ornaments have been chosen from our LSSI’s Giving Tree ministry! Remember to leave all gifts at St. Tim’s by noon on December 4. Gifts should be either unwrapped or in a gift bag and must be labeled with the slot/ornament number, social worker’s name and the child’s name. Gift cards should also be labeled and can be turned into the office. If you would still like to give a gift, you can give a gift card in any amount marked “giving tree.” If you have any questions call the office.

Fling Wide the Door – Advent Devotion – Friday, December 2

Fling Wide the Door – Advent Devotion – Friday, December 2

“Fling Wide the Door” (ELW 259)

Matthew 3:1-12
Where I live, near Saint Paul, Minnesota, summer
is filled with road construction. Traffic is rerouted
while roads are fixed to be smooth and allow for
efficient travel. When I think of the prophet Isaiah’s
words of “Prepare the way of the Lord, make his
paths straight,” this image often comes to mind. I
also wonder if there is something about our activity
in building up one another, living in harmony, and
being mindful about our words of hopefulness that
makes the path straighter for the work of Christ in
our midst. Maybe it makes it easier for the words of
Jesus to land in another person’s ears, or prepares
our own hearts to be changed. When we neglect
our own spiritual well-being or our neighbors’
needs, it is like digging a pothole or putting a
large boulder right in the middle of our common
pathway of life. How might you engage in creating
or clearing a path today?

Jesus, we confess that our actions sometimes break
down communications and relationships rather than
build them up. As we go through our day today, may
we focus on words and actions that create a clear path
to you and the beloved kingdom you have brought near
to us. Amen.

Devotion Reproduced from 2022 Advent Devotional | Luther Seminary | Fling Wide the Door 

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