Fling Wide the Door – Advent Devotion – Monday, November 28

Fling Wide the Door – Advent Devotion – Monday, November 28

“Fling Wide the Door” (ELW 259)

Isaiah 11:1-10
At the time of the writing of this Isaiah reading,
people didn’t have a lot of reasons to be hopeful.
Their country had been overtaken by Assyria, their
dreams of a united and powerful kingdom crushed
by oppression and warring. They felt like a stump
of a mighty tree, cut off and worthless. But the
prophet Isaiah paints a picture of hope—a branch
growing out of that stump, a spirit of wisdom and
understanding, actions of mercy founded on words
rather than weapons. We too, have been through
hard times, facing natural disasters, a pandemic,
and war. Isaiah’s words encourage us to remember
that God has acted in the past to make new
beginnings out of that which we thought would
be the end, and that God will do so again. What
images come to your mind when you dream of a
time of new beginnings?

Oh God of new beginnings, sometimes it is difficult for
us to trust in the hopefulness of your presence when
so many things around us are falling apart. As we go
through our day, help us to see glimpses of your creative
power, bringing new life in unexpected ways. Amen.

Devotion Reproduced from 2022 Advent Devotional | Luther Seminary | Fling Wide the Door 

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