Fling Wide the Door – Advent Devotion – Sunday, November 27

Fling Wide the Door – Advent Devotion – Sunday, November 27

“Fling Wide the Door” (ELW 259)

When my now-adult daughters come home for
a visit, I often wait for them by the front window,
watching for their arrival. As the car pulls up, I will go
to the door, open it wide, greet them with a hug and
a kiss, help them carry things into the house, escort
them in, and do my best to welcome them home.
I can prepare for and celebrate my daughters’
arrivals because I know what they love, what they
expect to see and do, and what they need to be
comfortable. As we enter into this time of Advent,
looking forward to and preparing for the Christmas
“visit” of the Christ child, I invite us to wonder
together what might make Jesus feel welcomed,
even as he welcomes us with a radical grace and
love vastly beyond our simple hospitality.

Dear Jesus, we long to welcome you with open arms
and hearts every day, but especially now as we prepare
to celebrate your birth. Help us to listen to your story
deeply, so that we can learn and move confidently into
our preparations for your arrival. Amen.

Devotion Reproduced from 2022 Advent Devotional | Luther Seminary | Fling Wide the Door 

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