What are you doing during this time?

What are you doing during this time?

We are all in this together!

At the conclusion of Online worship each Sunday, Katie Andrade has been sharing photos that have been sent to her from all of you!

Send Katie photos and images of what you are doing during this unusual time.

How are you spending your days? What are you doing to help get through this?

Where do you see God… where do you find hope?

Send photos to Katie at krandrade3@gmail.com 

From the Heart – Video Message – Pr. David – May 12

Pr. David asks, “what are your expectations?” What do you expect from your day?




Have Questions? Need to Talk?

If you would like to speak to a pastor, feel free to call
Pr. Dan at 717-599-2308, or Pr. David at 630-294-7002.

Kim Runge, our Faith Community Nurse is also available at 708-856-1201.

You can always contact any staff member or council member via email. All email addresses are on our website under the About Us menu.  https://sttimothylutheran.com/about-us/